Treatment Options

Custom Massage

60 minutes

90 minutes

2 hours

I use a mixture of the techniques that I've learned over the years and cater them to your needs. My approach is to make you as relaxed as possible which gives me the ability to work on your deeper tissues. No body is the same so this massage isn't the same for everyone.

Body Wrap

90 Minutes
Scrub only 30 minutes

This luxurious treatment is designed to exfoliate your entire body as well as detoxify you.  Using a mixture of scrubs and body masques, you will walk out feeling radiant and relaxed.

Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes
90 minutes
2 hours

This massage is designed for the mothers to be.  With your changing body comes aches and pains.  I will help alleviate these with techniques that are safe for both you and your baby.

Heated Bamboo Massage

60 minutes
90 minutes
2 hours

Using heated bamboo, I will be able to melt away the tension in your body.  This is a great technique for anyone who enjoys deep tissue massages but want the added relaxation of direct heat being applied to the area as well as anyone who is looking for pure relaxation.

Visceral Manipulation

20-30 Minutes
Can be added on to any service or by itself

Visceral Manipulation is a technique that helps to release any scared or adhered tissue in your abdomen.  This can happen due to a surgery, soccer ball to the gut, a car accident, and many other reasons.  While it may sound odd or painful, this is one of the most beneficial and gentle modalities that I do.

Hydrating foot massage

30 minutes

In this luxurious service, I blend techniques of relaxation, therapeutic, and reflexology in order to achieve the greatest benefit.  I use my house made, all natural, hydrating foot masque as well as a house made Himalayan pink crystal salt scrub to make your feet feel like new.


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