My approach to our safety with COVID-19

Crowd with Masks

Hello all!

I have decided to begin offering massages again starting Wednesday, May 27th and I felt it prudent to inform you all about the precautions I will be taking in regards to the COVID 19 virus.

  • I will be wearing an N95 mask or a cloth mask with a filter insert while I’m working.

  • My clients must wear a mask of some sort unless they are laying face down (they can still wear one then which I do recommend but I won’t be requiring it at that point). They can provide their own or I will have some single use ones that I will be cleaning, sanitizing, and keeping in individual closed bags.

  • I will continue to have 30 minutes between clients in order to make sure everything is clean between appointments.

  • I will be changing outfits between clients.

  • I will have my clients text me when they arrive and I will let them know to come to the door as soon as everything is cleaned to my standards and there is little to no chance of encountering other people.

I also want to inform you, if you are unaware, that my husband does work in the Emergency Room. He wears PPE but there is still a chance he could get it and give it to me. It is important to me that y'all are making an informed decision before scheduling an appointment. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I’m very willing to take suggestions on how to be even more safe. I’ll have the same hours as before, 11-8, Wednesday and Friday in St. Pete, Thursday and Saturday in Tampa.

You can also still schedule online at

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you’ve been able to take care of yourselves during these last few months.

Lauren Purdin, LMT